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It's not the cost, it's the flexibility that will drive your and our business profitably,

through good and the bad times

Since 2002, cost Technologies has proven itself to be a technology expert and low cost software vendor. It has been able to do so by maintaining wide technology base through varied projects, smart resourcing that involved a decent blend of extraordinary experts guiding our competent staff to deliver world class solutions.

Strangely however, we found that our customers like to deal with us because of flexibility that we offer to match their needs. Over the years, our proposals to customers have ranged from turnkey solutions involving software and hardware to development centre lease, hiring resources for short term or having a phased approach for project to meet budget requirements or sharing and commercialising intellectual property or taking on high risk projects where customer paid only when we were successful. In present times, we believe the following will provide a distinct our advantage to customers, beyond technology expertise and fixed costs:

Phased Approach or Turnkey Software Solutions

Our phased approach covers development of project in phases to meet budgetary and approval matters. This may mean doing just system specifications or design and then leave it for months for approvals and start again to complete it. In some cases, customers decided to do the projects in-house and sometimes, we are awarded just a module for development.

Then requirement of resources for short term that becomes long term and sometimes, leading to absorption. We are happy to provide expert resources especially for development and testing. Our expertise in MS dot net, SQL Server, MapPoint and MS Report Server, Oracle Fusion and MySQL, PHP forms the basis of all solutions.

As compared to Phased Approach, projects could be turnkey, involving software, hardware integration, complete with Devices, Embedded, Telecom, Interface design and Integration. The project charter may involve supplying hardware or hosting services.

Both Phased and Turnkey solutions have their own advantages. In case of phased approach, organisations are able to develop systems as per their convenience. This however means more time. On the other hand, turnkey solutions are usually delivered faster and therefore cost less. As they get delivered soon, they start adding to productivity sooner.

Enabling Customers find a way to beat the gloom and just boom?

Best way to beat the downturn is to deploy available resources appropriately. Most of the businesses are optimising their IT systems to operate more efficiently. Faced with budget constraints, everyone is trying to use time to slowly and steadily upgrade their systems. There is pressure on IT budgets and the IT Managers are using them more to maintain and upgrade the systems than deploying new initiatives.

Coexl Technologies understand the new paradigm well and we have appropriately changed our practice to suit requirements of the day. We offer you software and IT expertise and IT experts, just the way your business needs. We remove the dependence on regular resources and build a practice for you that you can expand or contract, depending upon need.

With us, costs are fixed for almost any activity. We make your IT set up efficient by absorbing R&D Costs and maintaining knowledge of non-core systems. This is always a huge hidden cost. We invest in systems and proliferate the knowledge to get you cost advantage of economies of scale.

The above has positioned us well in the market and today, we are one of the fastest growing IT companies. We are confident of our methodology and happy to offer fixed price contracts. We are happy to state that demand for our services are fast increasing as more and more companies find in us a reliable, truthful and trustworthy vendor.

Just entrust us your tasks and you will never need to worry again.

Reduce the costs - Develop in Australia!

Coexl Technologies is your local IT Vendor, with an expertise that many overseas vendors trust it to maintain their products in Australia. We believe, contrary to common belief, overall cost of software development and especially the product development is cheapest in Australia. Time and gain we have proven that it costs a fraction to develop products than overseas due to extra reliability of system, processes and attention to Un-Written functionality issues. The products developed in Australia involve ingenuity that adds to their robustness. Coexl Technologies therefore develops entirely in Australia that also has an added benefit of quick turnaround. Typically, we close our projects within 12-36 weeks, start to finish.

Software development in Australia and Melbourne means cost effective development of software and software products. Coexl leverages Melbourne Australia's essence to develop software products. Coexl has evolved and significantly matured its agile software development methodology to develop software faster and better. Coexl Software development practice focuses on specialised product development for customers for their specific requirements. Many a customer’s face technology risk and time delays in their software development projects. Coexl's software practices reduce time for software development and also reduce costs for software production. Coexl practice for developing software products saves its customers cost and time while delivering new projects and services with aplomb in time.

Protecting your Intellectual Property's

We protect Intellectual Property of our customers and happy to hand over entire Source-code, should the same be required, without any extra charge. We act as if we are your in-house development set up. With us, there is no question of your Intellectual Property getting diluted. Not only this, where we believe it is needed, we are happy to agree to not develop a similar product for 1-3 years!

Our Methodology, designed to save costs

Specialist products and software development, from concept, ideas and hedging your technology risk

Coexl methodology for Software Development Practice is based on MSF Agile Foundation's Scrum Methodology template. Notwithstanding above, we may deliver projects based on customers’ quality systems, PRINCE 2. Our methodology delivered right products within agreed time. This also enables us to undertake from very small projects such as MS Office Macros to enterprise-wide business applications. A brief on our methodology template as explained below:

  • Product Plan: Product Planning involves multiple activities. We start from the Business Requirement Specification à develop a rapid prototype à proposal acceptance database design, business logic design, user experience design Product Backlog

  • Sprint Plan: Product backlog is now broken into sprint backlogs. The cycle involves creating user stories and carrying out development. We plan the sprints to develop rapid releases. Typical release cycle (sprint) is two weeks.

  • System Testing: QA team starts preparing test plans based on user stories (or use cases). Testing starts with alpha releases. QA Team lodges issues, bugs and test cases in TFS. Both manual and automated regression testing is done. The test plan continues to evolve with the product.

  • Collaboration with customer is a key part of the development process. Customer provides feedback on incremental releases preventing last minute surprises and results in efficient development process.

  • Team Foundation Server is used for version controlling, developer collaboration, issue tracking, manual testing and test automation.

Applying Methodology to Application Upgrade & Maintenance

Coexl has successfully applied its software development practice to not just develop new software Applications but also to Upgrade and maintain of third party products. It offers the competency to be able to upgrade and maintain third party products, with or without documentation or sometimes, even without source. We have a sound track record in delivering within budgets and it assists in keeping project costs under check. We mitigate technology risk and effectively hedge it for you

Coexl - Certified Competencies

Coexl is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Oracle partner engaged in Oracle Middleware and Oracle Fusion. Coexl has applied its MS .NET (dot net). VBA, MS SQL, expertise to web enable existing projects and currently developing PoC for Oracle fusion. Our Oracle experts will assist you in devising and delivering solution spanning multiple platforms and technologies. We are building the competencies in Oracle Fusion to be able to provide businesses the development expertise that they will need when Oracle Fusion becomes available. This will save them costs needed to build a capability that they may or may not need.

Coexl Technologies offers Application Development Services bring you an options between a dedicated facility  at our Development Centre or your premises or highly experienced resources to cover present and past technology areas such as:

  • Microsoft- Windows, Dot Net, Mobile, Silverlight, MapPoint, Bing, Team Server, SharePoint, MS Exchange, MS SQL 2000, 2005, 2008, MS Access, MS Excel old versions and many others. We can upgrade old Microsoft applications to current technologies or maintain.

  • Oracle - Application development in Oracle covers present Oracle Portfolio such as Oracle Database versions 11g, 9, 8, 6, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, SOA and Fusion, Weblogic and other Applications

  • IBM - We cover by far the largest of IBM technologies portfolio with experts in OSS, databases, Messaging, Mainframe, CICS, Web Development.

  • Open Source - Open Source could be a good alternative for some projects and for any large project, we provide application development in PHP/MySQL to traditional Ingres/Linux/Unix combinations.

  • Legacy - Ingres, Unify, Cobol, Algol, Fortran, DBASE and other champion technologies of yesteryears.

  • Programming - Embedded, Device, Mobile Applications, Telecom, Networking Protocols and others

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Our local Software Development Facilities in Melbourne offer you an easy and unmatched cost effective way to develop projects, within budget and time and without any risk. Please call Steve at (03) 9802 5516 or 0425 732 510, mail steve@coexl.com.au to discuss your software and IT requirements and how we can assist you.