RFID Solutions


Coexl Technologies has been working on RFID Solutions since 2003 when it started research and development of primitive solutions based on Passive RFID tags. With time, we have evolved with RFID technology and now we develop solutions involving Active, Passive and Hybrid tags.

Coexl works mainly with RFID vendors to develop products or projects for their clients. In some cases such as Government and Defence or those under Innovation or Technology Voucher Program, it may develop solution direct for clients.

 One of Coexl's main RFID projects involved Real-time location Systems based on PanGo Networks. The PanGo System worked with CISCO, Vocera and Nurse Call system in healthcare and Aged Care segments. PanGo is now an InnerWireless Company.

Our current services in RFID area involve:

  • Development of Custom RFID Solutions for Real-time Location and Critical Asset tracking

  • Supporting RFID Products and Software Vendors in Australia

  • Implementing RFID Solutions including setting up of Networks involving CISCO and other Network Components. This includes cabling, VPN and set up of Video Monitoring Systems

  • Microsoft BizTalk RFID Solutions

Coexl RFID Expertise can be applied in:

  • Patient Tracking in Healthcare & Aged Care

  • Critical Asset Tracking including unreachable assets located in remote locations

  • Container and Vehicle Tracking in Logistics and Transport area

  • Airports and Customs

  • Parking Bay Indication and Guidance System

Coexl advantage lies in its ability to

  • Manage different Hardware and Software Platforms

  • Manage Different make and type of tags

  • Develop Custom RFID Solutions and Products

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