Solutions for Victorian Government eServices Panel

Coexl Technologies is proud to be member of Victorian Government eServices Panel for Software Design and Development services. We are listed on this eServices panel's MS Excel Sheet at line 70 as "Coexl Technologies - Envision I.T. Pty Ltd T/As". We bring to eServices panel our expertise in software development, upgrade, custom plug ins and integration adaptors. Most importantly, Victorian Departments will benefit from our successful track record within Department of Transport and other offices in productising their applications for benefit of other departments. This will reduce costs for the initiating department as well as for others. We are pleased to say that that though very new to eServices Panel, we have already started working with Department of Treasury and Finance. This project is in delivery phase now.

We had been innovative in our approach and there would be possibilities for us to reduce cost of development in exchange for commercialisation in other Victorian Government  Departments. Through Victorian Government eServices Panel, Coexl would reduce costs for sponsor departments as well as others who adopt best practices within Government.

Our proven competencies for Vic Gov eServices panel involve Microsoft Gold and multiple silver competencies, Oracle Gold Competencies, SAP Certified, Prince® 2 Certified, PMP Certified and ITIL Certified resources for providing software services and project management as per best industry practices.

We would also endeavour to provide our business skills in developing system requirements. This would save the eServices Panel project sponsors enormous amount of time while obtaining the unbiased advice conforming to best industry practices.

When Victorian Government Departments engage us through eServices panel, they get access to our wide ranging technical expertise in Microsoft, Oracle, Messaging Middleware RFID and Devices Integration including Biometrics and Cameras, WebServices / API, ITIL and Networking, we aim to provide comprehensive products packaged into one. As with other customers, we endeavour to provide eServices Procurement Managers the best in our business skills in developing system requirements. This would save the project sponsors enormous amount of time while obtaining the unbiased advice conforming to best industry practices.

Vendor Expertise:

Our expertise for Victorian Government eServices Panel will cover:

  • Microsoft - Design and Development, Testing, Resources, Installation, Support in Microsoft Dot Net, Silverlight, MS SQL 2008, SharePoint, MS Exchange, Custom Application, Upgrade in-house or third party developed applications, Upgrade or update technology for old applications such as upgrade MS SQL 2000/2005 Applications to MS SQL 2008 applications more>>

  • Oracle - Development, Testing Resources, Installation, Support of Oracle Applications. This would also include upgrading Oracle 9 or Oracle 10 Applications to Oracle 11g, Oracle Access Management (OAM) Solutions, Oracle Fusion Middleware Development, Upgrade Microsoft or Legacy Applications to Oracle 11g.

  • OptiMaint - Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Installation and Support more>>

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)  - One on One Training In AutoCAD or other CAD Platforms in Victoria, CAD Training, CAD Design and Draftingg out drawing work

  • IBM - Resources for Project Management, Development and Testing

  • SAP- Resources for Project Management, Development and Testing

  • CISCO - Supply, Installation, management and support

  • Sun - Supply, Installation, Maintenance and Management of Sun Oracle Storage and Servers

Reducing Costs for eServices Panel Members with Past Work:

Based on our past work in the following areas for Victorian Government, we offer to reduce cost of fresh design and development under the eServices Panel:

  • Encarp - For Parking, Space and Locker Management - This will not only ease and streamline your parking matters but also yield substantial time and cost savings.

  • Envigreen - Use existing knowledgebase in Carpooling, Green Travel, Going Places and other programs to roll out environment promotion initiatives

  • Oracle Access Management - Swivel Plug ins - As already done for a lead department, Oracle Access Management Solutions and Swivel and other Plug ins to very cost effectively manage Single Sign on using existing products within your department


Our expert resource comprise of professionals with tertiary qualifications in engineering with at least 5 years experience in design, implementation and support of telecom networks and end user installations. You have the option to hire resources on a 'Time and Material Basis'.

Ready to use Products

  • Encarp for Parking Management - This will not only ease and streamline your parking matters but also yield substantial time and cost savings.

  • Autodesk Products - AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, 3DS Max Design, Navisworks

  • Microsoft - Office, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Ultimate, MS Dynamics

  • Oracle - Messaging Middleware, SOA, Fusion Product, Services, Consulting and Applications Development

  • SAP - Project Management, Design, Development and Testing

Engagement Model for Victorian Government eServices Panel

  • Business Analysis, Software Development, Maintenance, Support and Upgrade Services, On a Project or Time and Material Basis

  • Develop Products on cost and IP sharing basis that have potential for use in other Victorian Departments

  • Fixed Cost Projects

  • Our or any Product Installation, Support and Commissioning

Envision IT Benefits to Victorian Government

  • Highly agile and quick response

  • Able to manage diverse technology and process landscape

  • Wide variety of expert resources to execute and deliver services

  • Attractive Pricing including innovative cost sharing solutions

  • Ability to grow quickly to meet new / enhanced requirements

  • Ability to cover part or end to end operations

  • 100% Local Presence

  • Invest in R&D, ability to rope in industry partner

Organisational Set up IN VICTORIA

Melbourne Office

  • 18 Seat Development Centre for Design, Development & Support Activities

  • 4 High End Servers and I Dedicated Server Hosted in US with Back up

  • 18+ High End Workstations for day to day work and 10 Low end Desktops for R&D and Testing purposes

  • Environment Friendly Office using plenty of natural light and energy conservation methods

  • Ability to add another 25 Seats within 2-3 Weeks, complete with IT Infrastructure.

  • Ample seats of Development & Design Software from Microsoft, Oracle, Autodesk CAD

  • IT Management Set up for Remote IT Management for Customers

Melbourne Sales Office

For the convenience of Victorian Government eServices Panel, we have set up our Melbourne City Office at a convenient location, in the heart of IT centre in Melbourne City:

Coexl Technologies

Level 9, 440 Collins Street


Phone: 1800 3 COEXL (1800 326 395) Mobile: 0425 732 510


Call now to book our services. When booked now, you have access to low rates, 
						fixed cost of development and we will work with you to develop project specifications

Our local Software Development Facilities in Melbourne offer you an easy and unmatched cost effective way to develop projects, within budget and time and without any risk. Please call Steve at (03) 9802 5516 or 0425 732 510, email to discuss your software and IT requirements and how we can assist you.