Turnaround Loss Making IT Business or Department

  • Running or putting up with or wanting to sell a loss making business?

  • Need to make profitable Over budgeted or high cost IT Department, Creeping projects?

Don't despair, Contact us now and make use of our expertise in turning around your business to make it more productive and bring back projects to track.

As with anything, businesses reach their maturity and start to deliver less than expected. The effort and investments become more while the returns are much less. The same happens to IT departments that cease to provide value that business looks for. We happily buy or acquire loss making business.

Your Business has an Intrinsic Value

Often business owners get tired of the drudgery and want to just get rid of it. We believe all businesses have an intrinsic value and the business owners have a ethical obligation to all their clients for a smooth transition. If you have clients then you can get something out of this intrinsic value while organising a smooth transition for your clients.

When Coexl Technologies was founded, there were many companies going under after the dot com bust. We felt it to be a waste of resources to start a new company with new resources when there was plenty in to market. We therefore started with a Collaborative Excellence concept wherein we would partner with such companies to make them viable while providing our customers, economies of scale. The things however did not go to plan as we just could not reach the right people at right time. Our first break came in when we acquired Envision IT brand name and equity and have steadily progressing from there.

We believe every business has a value and have right to survive. We happily buy loss making IT business or acquire IT departments to turn them into profitable entities. Therefore before you put your business into Administration, talk to us first. We may have a better offer before Administration.

Turning around IT Business

Make use of Coexl Technologies to turnaround a loss making IT business or before you close doors on your customers. The business could be in any sphere be it software development, contracting, resourcing, Software maintenance or IT hardware, networking. We offer to acquire and turn around the loss making business or IT department into a useful and very desirable part of a business.

We always emphasise that even if the business means nothing, you still have an obligation to service customers. When you believe this, you will find there is a life in your venture even when you no longer have interest in a loss making business. A loss making business can get you cash as well.

Turning around IT Departments

For a bloated IT department in the business, outsourcing complete set up can often bring economies of scale and trim costs to peg them with your profitability. It is often better to develop business critical products that require timely delivery through outside agencies. This is because the outsiders are able to work better with better timelines as their costs are on stake.

Coexl can completely or partially acquire IT departments and operate as outsourced vendor till semblance and cost effectiveness is achieved. In a short time span, we should be able to cut down your costs while delivering same levels of service. Slowly, when everything had bedded down, we can ramp up the development and proficiency of the operations. We can also productise components of in-house software that could be useful for others.

Call now to book our services. When booked now, you have access to low rates, 
						fixed cost of development and we will work with you to develop project specifications

Our local Software Development Facilities in Melbourne offer you an easy and unmatched cost effective way to develop projects, within budget and time and without any risk. Please call Steve at (03) 9802 5516 or 0425 732 510, email -  steve@coexl.com.au to discuss your software and IT requirements and how we can assist you.