Coexl Services

Coexl Services are designed to meet your requirements, cost effectively.

Our Service portfolio is divided into two parts, Core & Legacy. Legacy competencies are the competencies in which we have worked in the past and still supporting. We still undertake work in Legacy Competency areas when it is part of the proposed solution or tends to complement our skills.

Core Competency Services

  • Products Development - Develop Software & Integrated Products - Any Technology including Device Drivers, NCs, Web, Standalone, Network Systems, Telephony, PDAs, Mobile Applications in Windows or Android, from ideas, concept, Sketchy details or full blown specifications. Product Development is carried out for businesses, Venture Capitals, Entrepreneurs, Established Product Developers and Overseas Vendors who find it easier and cheaper to develop products through us, while maintaining high standards of service. more>>

  • Software Development - Software or Products development in Microsoft i.e. MS .Net ,VBA, MS SQL Server 2000, 2005 or 2008, MS MapPoint or Virtual Earth, now Bing Mapping, MS Reports Server, RFID and Oracle - Fusion, Middleware or ETL, Complete Application or part, Sketchy details or full blown specifications, our rapid design methodology or your quality processes, ISO 9000, SEI CMM. more>>

  • Application Maintenance and Upgrade - Yours or third party developed, with or without documentation and in some cases, without Source code even. We fix bugs, web enable, make them more efficient, Upgrade and migrate Applications or data to new systems.

  • Web Enabling Legacy Applications - 3GL or 4GL, Fortran, Cobol, ALGOL, Sybase, Ingres, Informix, Clipper, Foxbase. Web enable, upgrade, migrate application or data, reliably within time and budgets. Just make your systems more efficient and easy to use, we re-do your application to deliver a completely new, easy to use application. more>>

  • Testing - Integrated Development and Testing of Software Applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Premium environment with Team Foundation Server 2010. Pure Testing Services or resources more>>

  • Overseas or Alien Product Support- Reduce your product support costs through our Localisation, Implementation, Level 1 and Level 2 Support on overseas vendor or Third Party developed products. We cover all time zones in Australia and you have option for extended hours or 24x7 support. more>>

  • Resources - Expert Resources in Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Testing, ETL, Data Warehousing, Cognos, Dot Net, VB, C++, C#, Java, PHP, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Reports, Crystal Reports, Mapping including MapPoint, Testing, QuickTest, Manual Testing, Data Cleansing, Application, Documentation, Graphics Design, Implementation and Support, Networking more>>

Legacy Software Development Competency Areas

Coexl has been in the industry since 1986 and have huge expertise in IT technologies of the day. Listed below are technologies for which we provided services in the past and are still supporting. We may clarify that these technologies are still current but no longer on the forefront for Coexl Technologies due to lack of customers and projects. For Legacy Software Upgrade i.e. Software Applications that were developed in Legacy technologies, please visit Legacy Software Upgrade.

  • Programming for devices, NCs, Embedded

  • Integration Adaptors

  • Software plug in components such as mailing systems

  • IBM Technologies, including mainframe

  • MS Access, Clipper and other products

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