Expert Networking Resources, Services and Solutions

CISCO, Huawei, Alcatel, WIndows Active Directory, Networking Resources for Networking, Telecom and SYstem Installation Work

Coexl Technologies offers expert networking resources, services and solutions for network design, installation, configuration, management and maintenance. We stand unique in this area as we are able to cover end to end solutions that companies unique set of competencies to assist telecom companies and its prime vendors in delivering the next generation Fibre Optic Network for the benefit of both Australian and larger internet community worldwide. Coexl Technologies is Huawei Gold Partner besides having many CISCO, Ericsson, Alcatel Certified Engineers and Project Managers. This happens a faster network allows better sharing of resources and acts as incubator and percolation of new ideas and the concept of better sharing itself.

Coexl Telecom solutions cover a wide range of Products, Services, Resources and solutions for Telecom Companies such as Telstra, NBN, Huawei, Alcatel, Ericson and its prime vendors. As growing company, we provide the best set up that is both agile and highly competitive. We help you out so that you can get on with other work and answering the Business Phones. As growing company, we provide the best set up that is both agile and highly competitive.

We provide our services for both local and overseas vendors.

Vendor Expertise

Our expert resources with 5-15 years of experience in leading telecom products for exchange roll out such as Alcatel, Avaya, CISCO, Ericsson, Huawei, Nortel, Siemens and Microsoft Active Directory, Exchanges . The expertise covers network and exchange equipment involving design and installation.

Technology Expertise - Network and Server Systems

Our technology expertise provides a holistic solution that involves CAD, Databases, Microsoft windows, Linux, and application Integration to deliver a holistic solution for NBN Prime Vendors. The breadth of experience makes us unique for any tasks that require immediate delivery. Our technology expertise will deliver you systems that will allow you start work quickly while allowing you to expand your systems with new requirements. In the initial stages, simplicity of our applications for network exchanges or integration with network systems will ease your work. The same simplicity will allow you to build upon complex systems for telecom company Applications that work as easy.

We also provide ancillary technology to run business systems better with expertise in MS Dynamics, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP technologies to deliver an integrated and efficient network. Our expertise covers embedded systems, device drivers as well.


Our expert resource comprise of professionals with tertiary qualifications in engineering with at least 5 years experience in design, implementation and support of telecom networks, CISCO/Huawei/Alcatel/AVaya/Siemens Networking and end user installations. You have the option to hire resources on a 'Time and Material Basis' for either NBN Co, Vodafone or as prime vendor.


  • Network Design complete with Fibre, Router, Switches, server systems, R&D

  • Network installation, CISCO, Huawei, Voice, Video Set up, Configuration

  • Broadband Installation and Activation on Cable, VSAT, Fibre, Router

  • Regular Service Support to End User

Computer Aided Design

  • One on One Training In AutoCAD or other CAD Platforms in Victoria

  • Training Set up in all major cities for CAD training

  • Carrying out drawing work

Ready to use Products

  • Encarp for Parking Management - This will not only ease and streamline your parking matters but also yield substantial time and cost savings.

  • Autodesk Products - AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, 3DS Max Design, Navisworks

  • Microsoft - Office, SharePoint, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Ultimate, MS Dynamics

  • Oracle - Messaging Middleware, SOA, Fusion Product, Services, Consulting and Applications Development

  • SAP - Project Management, Design, Development and Testing

  • OptiMaint - for Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Engagement Model for Telecom and Networking Companies

  • Servicing Designated Area for networking, Telecom or Vendor Awarded Area on Agreed Scope – Agreed Costs Basis

  • Expert Resources on attractive Time & Material basis, completely risk free as all employment aspects covered by us.

  • Resource Outsourcing including innovative including full time hire for a period

  • Fixed Cost Projects involving Design, Development, Installation & Commissioning

Envision IT Benefits to Networking and Telecom Companies and Their Prime Vendors

  • Highly agile and quick response

  • Wide variety of expert resources to execute and deliver services

  • Attractive Pricing

  • Ability to grow quickly to meet new / enhanced requirements

  • Ability to cover part or end to end operations

  • 100% Local Presence

  • Extend NBN Set up without the risk or increased exposure to NBN Co.

  • Invest in R&D, ability to rope in industry partner

Organisational Set up and Expansion Possibility

Melbourne Office

  • 18 Seat Development Centre for Design, Development & Support Activities

  • 4 High End Servers and I Dedicated Server Hosted in US with Back up

  • 18+ High End Workstations for day to day work and 10 Low end Desktops for R&D and Testing purposes

  • Environment Friendly Office using plenty of natural light and energy conservation methods

  • Ability to add another 25 Seats within 2-3 Weeks, complete with IT Infrastructure.

  • Ample seats of Development & Design Software from Microsoft, Oracle, Autodesk CAD

  • IT Management Set up for Remote IT Management for Customers

Sydney Office

  •  Support Centre

  • Set up for Managing Customers remotely

  • Ability to add 50+ Seats, within 2-3 months

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						fixed cost of development and we will work with you to develop project specifications

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