Reference Projects

  • Envision Carpooling Program Envision Carpooling Program
  • Envigreen - Leader in Sustainability and Environment IT Envigreen - Leader in Sustainability and Environment IT
  • Goal Scorer Pathways Analysis Kit Goal Scorer Pathways Analysis Kit
  • Encarp - Carparking Management Encarp - Carparking Management
  • Envision Green Travel Program Envision Green Travel Program
  • Beam Research Beam Research
  • Going Places Going Places

Coexl Technologies is part of Envision IT with over 150 software development and 1800 software licensing customers. Coexl Technologies started in 2002 and developed our first commercial public product - G-PAK in 2003. We have since been developing and upgrading software applications and products. Since then we have developed products, prototypes and system specifications for over 30 products. Most of our developed products have proven their strength in delivering high levels of efficiency and productivity. Coexl developed software and products run critical business processes essential for its clients. Some of our projects are briefed below.

While Coexl has a string focus on Sustainability and Environment Parking and Government, many of the solutions below will indicate diversification of offering that Coexl Technologies (now Envision IT) brings to our clients. We are uniquely placed to deliver your software development requirements with budget and time. We are confident and accept software development, Application or data migration tasks on fixed cost basis. The project title s have been suitably changed to protect owner identities. Customer References are available.

Beam Research

Beam Research Portal was developed in Silverlight. Know more about Beam Research Beam Research Project on YouTube.


Village Green IWASP

Developed for Village Green Australia, now Village Green Global in 2008, this project involved upgrading Village Green's core business application written over years in MS Access, MS Excel, MS SQL and  other technologies. The project mandate was to upgrade the project into a web enabled system that would support internal use while facilitating external franchisees. The project posed significant challenges and was delivered within agreed budgets after about 54 month's effort. The new application was based on MS Dot Net and used ASP. Net,  MS SQL 2005 and Crystal Reports.

Envision Green Travel

Envision Green Travel Program

Developed for the City of Darebin in 2003, this ASP/ ASP. net/ MS Access / MS SQL/ MS MapPoint  based product promotes Green Travel in businesses and workplaces. Developed under 8 weeks, from start to finish, the product has served City of Darebin since 2003. Its off shoot, Envision Carpooling is sold as a separate product by Envigreen. The product is continuously upgraded and functionalities are added.

Envision Carpooling

Envision Carpooling Program

An offshoot of Envision Green Travel, this ASP/ ASP. Net/ MS Access/MS SQL/ MS MapPoint or Bing/Silverlight 3 based product enables Carpooling within workplaces, businesses, communities. From technology perspective, product uses CSS to map different browsers, offers an option between MS Access or MS SQL, MS MapPoint or Melway based distance calculations. Highly reliable, the product serves many workplaces. In this program, users register can can find matches for themselves.

TravelSmart Carpooling

Travelsmart Carpooling Program

Developed under the aegis of TravelSmart Victoria in 2004/2005, TravelSmart Carpooling offers a proactive approach to carpooling that ensures higher degree of privacy while ease of use. This ASP/ ASP. Net/ MS Access/MS SQL/ MS MapPoint based product enables Carpooling within workplaces, businesses, communities. In this program, users  can only register. The matches are found and emailed by an administrator through innovative fully automated utilities.

Going Places

Going Places UNAA Award 2006 for Local Government Local Government Award for Best Specific Environmental Initiative gold partner

Developed under the aegis of City of Darebin in 2006, the program offers a holistic approach to promote green travel, environment and behaviour change in businesses and corporate environments. Based on ASP/ ASP. Net/ MS Access/MS SQL/ MS MapPoint/ MS Reporting, this program offers many facilities such as messaging. The has won many awards for its approach, appeal and is reliably serving City of Darebin since 2006.


encarp - Carparking management software

Runners up - 2011 FMA Australia & Dyson Airblade Industry Innovation Excellence Award Many Award winning, such as finalist for FMA Annual Awards 2011 for best use of technology to ease burden of parking management and saving millions of dollars to our clients, Encarp brings ushers in a new era for Carparking Operators and users through its unique Bay-booking System. The product enable Carparking operators host hundreds of their Carparks on portal that they can manage. Their corporate customers can access the Carparks on this portal across multiple vendors.

For individual users, system offers a search facility based on price and proximity. Ultra low cost, this product is a darling of Carparking operators who can make parking easy for their Corporate or Individual customers.

The product uses MS Silverlight 4, MS SQL, Bing, MS Reports Server, Java.


G-PAk Goal Scorer Pathways Selector for VCE Students 2004

Developed for Deliver Education Consulting, this product provided VCE students career pathways based on their VCE Scores. The product was distributed to all schools and VCE students in 2004. The product was stamped on a self running CD that was designed to work on a variety of operating system (OS) platforms of the day. The CD worked flawlessly for almost 50,000 VCE students in 2004. Technically, the product was based on MS Access and Windows. Once started, the product allowed them select their courses based on their VCE achievements and last year patterns. The product allowed advertisement banners to be hosted by academic institutions and Developed in a record time of about 10 weeks, the product had to be developed at a low cost but had to be ultra reliable for a flawless performance.

Warehouse Automation

Developed for Wurth Australia, the two products made smart use of bar code facility to ease:

  • Quote generation by Sales Persons at site

  • Automated relaying the sales to warehouse for delivery

  • Order placement on warehouse

  • Allocation of jobs to employees

  • Track of inventory

  • Tallying ordered goods with Invoice

The system was designed for the IT Department in a standalone mode for easy integration with corporate systems.


Developed for Entrepreneur, this high speed Java Messaging Middleware and Enterprise Service Bus, InfoEx offers to connect disparate Applications with the use of 'adaptors' InfoEx offers a platform and library of for integrating popular Applications and utilities to easily create adaptors.


Developed for Venture Capital, Vend-It vends specialist products and items under supervision. The Vend-It console is connected to Internet, Telephone, Credit Card Processing and dispensing systems with a facility to view and record dispensation.


Developed for Construction Major, Cadex provides a system to receive CAD drawings in different formats and calculate surface area contained in these drawings. The system uses intricacies of CAD design system, different CAD File formats, ASP and MS Access based data management system. System is based on specifying a layer in design for the purpose. The system accepts drawings from different versions of popular CAD software packages, identifies them and displays results based on parameters. The system can be generalised for any organisation that receives drawings in different formats.

Mailing & Messaging

Mailing and Messaging systems enable sending of Emails and Messages in user defined fashion, moderated or not. Email system can be configured to send mass emails with time delay and without clogging the network. The systems now form part of our products


For Regni, we develop RFID Solutions based on on PanGo location System (now Inner Wireless), a variety of RFID Tags, Carparking Automation with RFID, Real-time location System. The system offers the ability to extract location data from CISCO appliances to offer location in closed or open areas, track tags and containers and many other Applications.

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