Oracle Fusion, SOA & Software Development


Coexl Technologies are former Oracle Gold partners specialising in Oracle Fusion based applications and SOA Software Development. As Gold Partners, backed by Oracle Fusion Team in Melbourne, we have set up a competency centre for Oracle Fusion Applications, suitable for large long term application development in Melbourne.

Our Oracle Fusion Development Competency Centre in Melbourne brings you expert developers in Oracle Database, Oracle Access Management (OAM), Plug Ins, Easy and Smart Reporting, Architecture, JD Edwards, Oracle Financials.

Oracle Fusion Competencies are expensive to maintain. One of the offering we make is to acquire in-house Oracle Development and deliver you Oracle Fusion Services on outsourced, on as and when required basis.

Coexl complements Oracle Fusion development with MS Report Server and specialises in Internet Application Development as well. When you are looking for a reliable and cost effective solution for your Oracle fusion and Web Application Development needs, Coexl is the answer.

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Oracle offers Complete Industry Solutions with more value and  less complexity, because Oracle has assembled best in class industry portfolios. As Oracle Fusion Middleware Experts, it’s our job to make them work together on an open platform.

Oracle 11g is designed to exploit the latest in technology today e.g. Multi-core processors, 64 Bit Systems, Virtualisation and Clouds and Large Storage. While Oracle Fusion Middleware applies well to:

  • Rich Internet Applications - Our Special Expertise

  • Business Process Management

  • Enterprise Team and Social Computing

  • Application Customisation - Our Special Expertise

  • Identity Management and Compliance

  • Systems Consolidation

Oracle Fusion Middleware delivering Rich Internet Applications

We assist our customers develop rich Internet Applications with:

  • Rich Media Content

  • Multimedia content

    • Web 2.0

    • Web Site Consolidation

  • Personalisation

  • Web Content Management

  • Easily manage web content

  • Development Frameworks

Our Oracle Fusion Middleware practice resolves the obvious flaws in Internet Applications in large enterprises such as:

  • Disjointed web presence

  • Lack of agility

  • Lack of control

  • Fractured no federated

  • Disenfranchised stakeholders

Oracle Fusion Middleware for Application Customisation

No application is complete and as the user wants. We apply Oracle Fusion Middleware for customising Applications to:

  • Extend enterprise applications

  • Composite application development

  • Bespoke application development

  • System/Data Integration

  • Unified tooling

Our efforts assist our customers in:

  • Protecting enterprise application investment

  • Extending the life of enterprise applications

  • Extending the functionality of enterprise applications

  • Composites for visibility

  • Lack of Agility


Next-generation adaptability

  • Easier application integration

  • Adaptable business processes

  • Applications tailored to your business

Next-generation productivity

  • Optimal operational decisions

  • Empowered information workers

  • Seamless collaboration

Next-generation manageability

  • Improved IT productivity

  • Better run applications

  • Data protection and controls

Call now to book our services. When booked now, you have access to low rates, 
						fixed cost of development and we will work with you to develop project specifications

Our local Software Development Facilities in Melbourne offer you an easy and unmatched cost effective way to develop projects, within budget and time and without any risk. Please call Steve at (03) 9802 5516 or 0425 732 510, mail to discuss your software and IT requirements and how we can assist you.

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